Welcome to the UltraScan LIMS4 La Trobe University, Melbourne Victoria Australia

Below please find the link to your institution’s UltraScan III LIMS Portal:

  1. Academia Sinica (Taipei, Taiwan)
  2. Daiichi-Sankyo (Hiratsuka)
  3. Dr Reddys Laboratories (Hyderabad, India)
  4. Fudan University (Shanghai)
  5. Institute of Biophysics (Chinese Academy of Science)
  6. LaTrobe University (Melbource, AU)
  7. Mokpo National University (MNU Central Instrument Center Building)
  8. Monash University (Victoria, Australia)
  9. Osaka University (Japan)
  10. The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  11. The University of Melbourne (Melbource, AU)
  12. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Room 1003)
  13. Yokohama City University (Yokohama, Japan)

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